4 Ever Tequila Tastings Amazing Tequila Events

If you love tequila, are a tequila aficionado or even just like tequila connect with 4EverTequila on Facebook. They put together incredible tequila tastings with a very unique tequila brands mixed together with authentic Mexican food. I attended the 4EverTequila tasting at West End on 2/20/15 and had an amazing time.

For a set fee of $35 you got to taste silver, reposado, anejo and extra anejo tequilas from tequila brands Arte NOM Seleccion, Sin Rival, Don Nacho, Senda Real, Aguila Real, El Llano, Don Fermin, Cocula, PuraSangre… while you taste these incredible tequila brands the owners, founders and most knowledgeable ambassadors would let you know the story of their brand, what to look for when you taste it and where to go if you would like to purchase a bottle. Some of my favorites of the night were, Forrest with Arte NOM 1414 Seleccion it was a popular one. Rodolfo from Sin Rival was pouring Sin Rival Extra Anejo, Rosario with a Senda Real if you haven’t had it you must try it and Miguel introducing Aguila Real a new tequila from the highlands. If you wanted to take a short break from tequila tasting you could head over to the food and watch them make tortillas by hand and then have your choice of chicken, pork, beef, nopales… unforgettable Mexican rice, beans, quacamole… everything was incredible. I am looking forward to the next tequila event from 4EverTequila make sure you connect with them on Facebook so you don’t miss it, Salud!

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