AnestasiA Vodka An Award Winning Spirit

AnestasiA Vodka Review

AnestasiA Vodka is and award winning spirit, it’s the essence of two all-natural, all-American ingredients. First is the sweet corn sourced from northwestern farms, and second is the exceptionally pure water of the Cascade Mountains. The waters of this range flow through riverbeds of lava rock, and thereby avoid picking the sediment—metallic salts such as magnesium and calcium—present in most water sources. In fact, our waters contain 90% less of these compounds than your average drinking water. This makes our water remarkably ‘soft’, and results in Anestasia vodka’s naturally derived purity.

Once harvested, our corn grains are mixed with fermenting sugars and yeast—then distilled five times. This distillate is then blended down with our uniquely pure water before being filtered a further five times through crushed lava rock, neutral charcoal, and Arkansas-derived quartz crystal. This filtration process removes any remaining impurities, often including the congeners which can cause hangovers. The final result is fresh, easy-to-drink vodka that is both lightly weighted and very smooth.

Our whole process, from the grains we use to the naturally purified water, is an embodiment of the American artisan experience. This vodka serves as an homage to a longstanding American tradition—the domestic creation of handcrafted quality—as well as a beacon for a new generation of innovative American luxury.

AnestasiA Vodka was created to demonstrate that luxury spirits can be crafted in the United States. In 2007, founder Yuliya Mamontova started with the singular goal of producing the best vodka possible. Growing up in a European family of vodka producers, Yuliya learned firsthand the distillation, fermentation, and packaging expertise passed from generation to generation. In homage to her family’s traditions, AnestasiA is produced in small batches by skilled artisans using select all natural ingredients. We believe in domestic craftsmanship and ingenuity.

Our process begins in Bend, Oregon, handcrafted on a 24-acre farm. Knowing how important water is to the vodka distillation process and ultimately to the taste of a finished product, as vodka is 60% water, we chose to produce our vodka in the Northwest. Their water sources are consistently clean, and those that flow from Bend’s Cascade Mountains, exceptionally pure. The unusually low concentration of calcium carbonate in the region’s water supply ensures our vodka has a smooth, silk-like finish, and can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Our vodka purity embodies the pristine wilderness that surrounds our distillery.

We are a family-owned and family-operated business. Our commitment to superior taste, domestic production, and modern sustainability remains unwavering as we continue to focus our efforts on the quality of our product and work to rekindle the American spirit of producing luxury goods domestically.

WSWA Gold Medal Winner 2014
Craft Spirits Competition Gold Medal Winner 2013
MicroLiquor Triple Gold Medal Winner 2012
NY World Spirits Competition Silver Medal Winner 2013
Beverage Testing Institute 94 Points

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