Anders’ Handcrafted Vodka 100% Colorado Review

Anders’ Handcrafted Vodka is distilled in small batches using a state of the art still. The source used for this vodka is sweet corn from the Olathe region of Colorado. Farmers here use snowmelt to irrigate. The corn kernels are smaller than the kernel of regular corn and have a concentrated flavor. It is analogous to the size of wine grapes to table grapes. The cost is much higher, but the quality of the corn is exceptional. Harvesting of the corn is done without pesticides and the corn is naturally Gluten Free. This corn is usually hand picked rather than machine harvested because of the soft nature of the corn.
The water used in irrigation, distilling and to cut the distillate begins as snowmelt and for the processing and cutting is then purified. While many distilleries use purified water, few begin with anything as pristine as ours.
The filtration process is another big difference between this vodka and others. They filter the vodka once and coarsely, they make it this way to leave more of the oils and to have a more flavorful vodka. This creates a weightier vodka.
The corn is brought in whole kernels from the farms and milled on site. This is important because pre-milled grains can become oxidized and lose much of the flavor. It is fermented right after milling sent straight to the fermenters to again guard against oxidation. The fermented liquid is then batch distilled. Unlike continuous distillation this leaves more of the original character. It is distilled correctly one time, and the heads and tails are cut. We cut 30% of the distillate to ensure only the heart of the distillate remains.
The label features mountains a depiction of the Maroon Bells and Pyramid Peak in the Colorado Rockies, which is a backdrop to the distillery.

Highly recommended order a bottle of Anders’ Handcrafted Vodka here

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