Hotmixology Party Box Bloody Mary Mix

Hotmixology Party Box Bloody Mary Mix Review

Bloody Mary’s are real good, especially when you use the Hotmixology Party Box Bloody Mary Mix, just add 80 proof vodka. Hotmixology makes it easy, the creators of the Party Box launched the Party Box Bloody Mary Mix. An award winning, premium Bloody Mary mix, the recipe includes a hint of Horseradish, a touch of onion, garlic, red pepper, Tabasco, Worcestershire and other spices that bring all these flavors together, creating the perfect mix. If you want to add more spice, heat or a secret ingredient just add it when you add your spirit and then shake it all up together.
Created by the host of Hotmixology Dave Elger and his mixologists, they created the perfect Bloody Mary mix, a great addition to the line of Hotmixology Party Box Mixers. Hotmixology Party Box Bloody Mary Mix is easy, you can prepare it in a few minutes before your guests arrive. No need to worry about making drinks individually, enjoy the party. It’s also economical I spent less than $15 on the Party Box Mix and a little bit more for a bottle of vodka.
Here is how it works, Hotmixolgoy Party Box is made with two spouts one on top- open to add your favorite spirit (750ml – 1.75ml) then reseal, shake it for a minute, then use the second spout on the side to pour a perfect cocktail. Party Box comes with 3 liters of premium mix there is room to add 2 more liters of spirits, it will make just over 2 dozen cocktails. Compare this to a pitcher with ice that creates ice melt if it is not consumed right away, this invention makes the perfect cocktail that stays perfect for the duration of the party and if there is any left you can enjoy it days later.
DIY, I like to do a Bloody Mary buffet/build your own Bloody Mary it’s social and a lot of fun. Hotmixology Party Box does all the work, no need to individually make a Bloody Mary for each guest. Start by adding vodka to the Hotmixology Party Box Bloody Mary Mix. Prepare a tray of glasses, a bowl of ice, a saucer with salt and one with celery salt (for rimming). Add a few garnishes I like to do lemon and celery stalk, and done. You can customize your Bloody Mary Bar a bit more by adding things like cracked/cayenne pepper, salt, sea salt, pickles, bacon, garlic, pickled okra, jalapeño, asparagus, cucumber, crushed red pepper, Himalaya salt, shrimp… add a comment with things you like to add to your Bloody Mary.

Hotmixology Party Box Bloody Mary Mix
Hotmixology Party Box Bloody Mary Mix
Hotmixology Party Box Bloody Mary Mix
Hotmixology Party Box Bloody Mary Mix
Hotmixology Party Box Bloody Mary Mix
Hotmixology Party Box Bloody Mary Mix
Hotmixology Party Box Bloody Mary Mix
Hotmixology Party Box Bloody Mary Mix

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