Craft Spirits Competition 2015

Craft Spirits Competition International Awards

Craft Spirits Competition International Awards attracts craft distillers’ top craft spirits worldwide. Just to let you know how craft spirits are growing, take a look at the U.S. from a few dozen distilleries ten years ago to over two hundred fifty today and growing, now multiply that worldwide! Independent owned distilled spirits from the master producers, making the best spirits possible using the best ingredients. It could be organic, small batch, hand made, local, new flavors, family recipes…but always unique. An expert panel of judges with years of expertise both in the field and judging spirits will award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals using 100-point blind tasting. Craft Spirits Awards International Competition results will be posted on the site and brands can use winning medallion on bottles and marketing materials. All Craft Spirits Entries for the 2015 Competition need to be in by March 31st 2015, tune in mid April for Medal Winners!

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Craft Spirits Competition 2015
Craft Spirits Competition 2015

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