DO COOL SHIT A Must Read Book For Entrepreneurs

The book is titled DO COOL SH*T by Miki Agrawal, it’s a must read if you are looking to start a business. A step by step book on how to fund your idea (on a shoestring), come up with a business plan, test your brand, press (sorry free press)… and soo much more.

Who wouldn’t want to quit their day job, start their own business and live happily ever after? First step is to buy Miki’s inspiring book and get on the path to entrepreneurship, take your ideas to fruition. It will be impossible not to blaze through her book, remember don’t stop DO that’s the key word, DO and keep DOING. Miki, will walk you through many ways to reach success, by learning dialog, marketing, inspiration, energy & passion, brainstorming ideas, business plans, time management, finding partners, health… She will encourage you with these and so many other empowering ways to get your idea going. Say it, I am going to DO COOL SHIT! Wake up each day motivated and move your ideas forward. I go back to Miki’s book often to make sure I am doing everything I can and to make sure I am not just working or making money but that I am moving forward with my ideas, getting closer to that moment when my idea will snowball into success.

I met Miki Agrawal, the author of DO COOL SH*T and minutes later I ordered her book. She is inspiring as she talks about things she has done and what she has in the pipeline. You can’t help being motivated to, revisit ideas that you had in the past or launch new ones. Miki has one many awards, in 2013 she won Tribeca Film Festival’s Disruptive Innovation Award, was named 2013 Forbes Top 20 Millienials On A Mission… She started WILD ( a farm-to-table all natural pizza restaurant, partnered with her twin sister on SUPER SPROWTZ ( a children’s show teaching kids to eat healthy, THINX ( a sustainable underwear solution for women during their “time of the month”, she has a few more companies launching now (which we will update this post when they go live), and she is both an athlete and an amazing public speaker. If you ever have the chance to meet her make sure you do, for now go buy her book “DO COOL SH*T”, it will change your life!

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