Flower & Water Sonoma www.flowerandwatersonoma.com

Flower & Water Sonoma Holiday Baskets

Flower & Water Sonoma makes seasonal and holiday baskets delivered to your door step in Sonoma, CA and surrounding areas. Flower & Water is a Sonoma, CA company that started with flowers and now does seasonal, holiday and custom gift baskets. Something special for a open house, birthday party, holiday event… add a handcrafted gift basket. I went to a winery in Sonoma, CA that had custom made Flower & Water Sonoma wine baskets, and I purchased three of them, what a great gift for the holidays. I called Flower & Water Sonoma to order Christmas baskets for all my employees, an assortment of goodies from Sonoma locals and I am adding some Sonoma wine. The owner will work with you and your budget to create something special no matter how big or small, flowers, seasonal ornaments, gift ideas put in tins… all hand-delivered.
Flower & Water Sonoma owner picks seasonal, local flowers and herbs from her own garden. Get a monthly “flower subscription” have a unique bunch dropped at your home or office once a week. Halloween was a hit with, treats for clients or a Halloween themed basket of goodies and a bowl of candy for the trick-or-treaters, great for the busy/elderly. “Get Swell” gift basket for a sick friend (in less than 2 hours after placing the order) a wooden box filled with feel-good things like chicken noodle soup, crackers, Emergen-c’s, chamomile tea, a soothing candle and a cheery flower arrangement in a mason jar. All in a wooden box lined with flannel fabric. Do you have a friend or family member in Sonoma; Flower & Water will deliver a seasonal/holiday basket each month. Pricing always includes delivery if in Sonoma and a bit more if it is a longer drive or needs to be shipped. Try Flower & Water Sonoma out today, call or email and let them know what you want, where you want it delivered and they will make it happen!
Email – flowerandwatersonoma@hotmail.com
Phone – (707) 799-3572
Facebook – Flower & Water Sonoma

Flower & Water Sonoma www.flowerandwatersonoma.com
Flower & Water Sonoma www.flowerandwatersonoma.com

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