Hotmixology Party Box Margarita Mix Review

Margarita Monday is my favorite day of the week, as it becomes more popular week after week it was taking a bit longer to get a margarita. Problem solved with the best invention since margarita mix, Hotmixology Party Box Margarita Mix.
If you’re my age or green and care about the environment you used to pick up a keg and party all weekend, return the keg wash the glasses and rest up for next weekend. That tradition continues yet I have added Margarita Monday to my weekly celebrations and thanks to the Hotmixology Party Box Margarita Mix I have very little preparation. They created a premium margarita mix to be the perfect blend when mixed with premium tequila, not too sweet or too sour, a great melody of lemon and lime flavors with a citrus finish. They suggest you add 100% agave tequila (750ml-1.75ml) for what they call the Ultimate Margarita, I call it the Never Ending Margarita. DIY, I prepare a tray of glasses, a bowl of ice, a saucer with salt (for rimming) and a bowl of limes cut into wedges. It’s like a margarita buffet/build your own margarita, yet Hotmixology Party Box does all the work, no need to individually make margaritas and no watered down pitcher of margaritas.
Hotmixolgoy Party Box was made with two spouts one on top to pour your favorite spirit in (a 750ml works yet I use a 1.75ml for Margarita Mondays) then reseal, shake it for a minute, then use the spout on the side to pour a perfect cocktail. Party Box is 3 liters of premium mix there is room for 2 more liters so plenty of room to add your spirits, making just over 2 dozen cocktails. When you make a pitcher and add ice you tend to get a lot of ice melt, this invention makes the perfect cocktail that stays perfect for the duration of the party and if there is any left you can enjoy it days later. A great idea if you have a house full of guests is to make up a batch and put it in your refrigerator, Party Box will be there 24/7 making you the perfect host.
Hotmixology Party Box Margarita Mix has won awards in this very competitive segment. A gold medal from the Denver International Spirits Awards, a gold medal from Craft Competition and 92 Points from Hollywood Rated. Impressive yet I still think I’m the winner each time I buy the Party Box as I get 3 liters of premium margarita mix.
Here is how it works, it’s like a bartender in a box making margaritas for everyone at the party. The host of Hotmixology Dave Elger came up with this idea, working with his mixologists to create the perfect margarita mix, then he create a way to multiply it into the Hotmixology Party Box. The Hotmixology Party Box Margarita Mix is so easy, you can make margaritas in a few minutes before your guests arrive, no need to worry about making drinks individually, just enjoy the party. It’s also economical I spent less than $15 on the Party Box Mix, a little bit more for the tequila and I found 10 limes for a dollar, at that price I should do Margarita Muesday , Margarita Mednesday, Margarita Mhursday…

Hotmixology Party Box Instructions
Hotmixology Party Box Instructions
Hotmixology Party Box Margarita Mix
Hotmixology Party Box Margarita Mix
Hotmixology Party Box Margarita Mix
Hotmixology Party Box Margarita Mix
Hotmixology Party Box Margarita Mix
Hotmixology Party Box Margarita Mix

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