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Stay On The Juice

Juice Press New York City

A great way to detox and cleanse your body is to do a juice fasting, or juice cleansing. I juice everyday, yet I do at least one day fast a week, only fresh juice that I make myself so I know what is going in. The longer you’re juice fasting, the deeper the cleanse becomes, you can do three to five days before or after the holidays. What happens is, the toxins that could be endogenous to the cells release into the blood stream, move through to the liver, and are released in normal waste functions. In longer cleanses, other waste gasses throughout the body look for the easiest means out, through bowel movements, urine, farts, belches, tears… Inflammation throughout the body is the build up of waste and causes pain and will lead to illness.
If you don’t have a juicer, you can go to many places to buy fresh juice, New York has a great place called Juice Press they have over 20 locations in New York and they ship everywhere in the USA. Everyday I am in NYC I go to Juice Press for a Mother Earth and a Volcano, a great way to stay on the juice when your traveling.

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