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The One Minute Bartender Will Elger

The One Minute Bartender Book Review

The One Minute Bartender is a must have bartending book. How to make Quick, Simple, Delicious… cocktails in a minute. Bartending basics made fun and easy, with “how to” mix classic, popular and exotic cocktails. Published in 2011 this book continues to gain momentum year after year. Every bar and every home should have a copy on hand for reference and for planning. Focus on Quick, Simple, Delicious Cocktails- people won’t be waiting on drinks they will be enjoying the party.

About The Author, Will Elger a bartender for over two decades has turned bartending into more than just a career. Working in many different venues the goal has always been to make sure everyone has a drink. As cocktails have moved more to mixology or molecular mixology it seems like a longer wait at the bar to get a drink. I do enjoy where cocktails are going yet now I order a beer to drink while I wait for my cocktail to be made. The One Minute Bartender is a back to the basics guide for everyone, bartenders are reminded that the more drinks they make the more money they make, bar owners understand more drinks more profit and consumers or guests in your home realize not waiting for a cocktail is the only way to go and will stop going to places where it’s a long wait for a long island. Order your copy of The One Minute Bartender today at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your local book store, Cheers!



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