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Rent A Christmas Tree A Real Potted Tree

I’m dreaming of an ECO friendly Christmas… Do you like a traditional tree but don’t have a fire place, most people will dry the tree out after the holidays and use it for firewood. You don’t have a fireplace and you don’t like to think of a tree that is cut down just for a one month decoration then put in the trash and taken to a landfill. Now you can rent a tree, The Living Christmas Company, a Southern California company now allows customers to rent a living potted tree for the holidays. You can now have a fresh-smelling live tree in your home rather than one that is dying out day by day. A potted tree can only stay indoors for about three weeks before it’s health begins to deteriorate, so plan your three weeks, or do what we did this year and get one tree, three weeks later trade it out for a second one. After a tree is returned the trees are cared for in various lots around Southern California. When the Christmas trees become too big and can no longer be rented they are planted in the community. With delivery and pickup in a Bio Diesel truck this year renting a tree is one of the most eco-friendly options, it’s like Christmas for the environment. If you would like to rent a live tree go to The Living Christmas Company.


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