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SUP, Stand Up Paddle Board, What Should I Buy and Why?

Stand Up Paddleboarding is the fastest growing sport, and finally the competition between producers has leveled the inflated price to an affordable one. Stand Up Paddleboard or SUP for short, is a ton of fun and a great core workout. As consumers test the waters getting into the sport of SUP, I must give some helpful advice. Buy a quality board and a quality paddle from someone who not only makes boards, who also is on the water paddling, using the product he’s selling every day of the year. My dad always said “don’t give advice if you don’t do it, and when you make a purchase buy from someone who uses the product they are selling.”

Ever surf Zuma Beach? Vacationers or locals, when your in California head to Malibu and hook up with Tony “Radfish” Stearns. He is not only the maker of Radfish Stand Up Paddle Boards some of the best/lightest SUP boards made, he is one of the best SUP riders in the industry. If you want to see for yourself take a look at his YouTube channel #radfishmalibu and subscribe. You can take SUP lessons, purchase a SUP or upgrade your SUP to one of his carbon fiber/Kevlar custom shaped boards and carbon fiber paddles.

I’m the guy who always wanted a SUP yet it always seemed too expensive. I called Tony Radfish and started out with a few private lessons, it was everything I had imagined and more, awesome! Radfish is right on Zuma Beach in Malibu, one minute after you park your on a Radfish SUP in the water. Tony Radfish is a well known local he has been surfing the Malibu waves for over four decades he knows where to be on any given day. Known for his experience, professionalism, and winning many competitions in both surfing and SUP. This is a five star operation in every aspect, customer service, ocean safety and any other concerns you may have. If you want a wetsuit he has them available, if you ding your board he does repairs.

I purchased a Radfish SUP and I have used it everyday since. It is so much fun it doesn’t feel like a workout, yet I have lost 20 pounds. If you purchased a board and paddle like the one I purchased from Radfish in a store it would be three times as much. I recently upgraded my paddle to a Radfish Carbon Fiber Paddle, and I recommend everyone do the same. If your looking for a Stand Up Paddleboard take a look at Radfish, the best boards at wholesale prices. Tony Radfish makes them himself and sells wholesale directly to the public. Contact him for the best deal, mention that you heard about him from the Secret Blogger and your deal will be so much sweeter.

Contact information for Radfish is;
Phone: (310) 433-1767 call for appointment
Hours: Everyday Sunrise – Sunset
Email: radfishmalibu@gmail.com
Location: Zuma Beach Malibu, CA
Website: radfishmalibu.com
Instagram: #radfishmalibu
LinkedIn: #radfishmalibu

*I did take all the photos except for the girl rider & Tony Radfish on the water.

Radfish Rider

Radfish SUP

Tony Radfish

Tony Radfish Truck

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