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Peace on Earth

Top Christmas Gifts

2014 Best Gift the one everyone truly wants is, World Peace. Merry Christmas, Christmas time is different for everyone around the world. People have different beliefs, traditions, weather… Traveling around this time of year I realize that everyone want’s the same thing, quality time with the people around them. Once all the stress of getting somewhere, or finding the perfect gift, cooking, cleaning… is done and you have a second to sit down and look around you notice that relationships with people near and far is what really brings the most joy out of everyone.

This year as you attend all the traditional events that happen each year, try to be in the moment and not thinking about what did or did not get done. Church, work, kids school, friends stopping by… it is time to give everyone an extra minute and realize that the people around you make the holiday special.

It is a time to enjoy everything life has to offer, everyone loves to cook around the holidays so enjoy what others have spent time and money preparing. Time and effort were spent on decorations and lights, take time to drive through the neighborhood and take it all in.

Treat everyone how you would like to be treated, it is a time of year where people tend to be a bit nicer to strangers. Peace on earth will only happen if we continue this all year long. If we look at issues that come up and try to work together to come up with solutions. We all need to give each other more complements, gifts are nice yet telling someone how great they look, what a great job their doing or letting them know that you value their friendship goes a long way.

Shop, eat, drink, party… and keep the conversations, actions positive as we all want world peace and staying positive and being good to everyone around you is a great start.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season and Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Men!

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