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Sony Walkman ZX2

Sony Walkman ZX2 is it worth $1,200?

Sony Walkman ZX2 as music has been and will always be a big part of peoples life, consumers will spend what it takes to get real studio sound. If we can’t hear it live or in the recording studio, consumers search for the next best solution, and as technology evolves we get a more compact, easy to operate, clearer product and yes the Sony (SNE) Walkman is worth the money.

Super-high resolution music brings a more live sound than a CD, MP3 or Streaming Media as it is not a compressed file. Sony ZX2 Walkman has audio technology that will reproduce master quality recordings, making non-high-resolution music files sound better. The sounds you hear are not just more but lifelike or like being at a live concert you will hear things in a song you could not hear before.

Sony ZX2 Walkman has 128 GB of storage which will hold almost 2,000 songs. The music files are larger yet another option is the micro SD card slot for more storage. The battery will last sixty hours and it is Wi-Fi capable.

Sony’s ZX2 Walkman is something completely new and will not remind you of your first Walkman, portable cassette/CD player, close your eyes and listen to the next best thing to being at the live event.



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