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Barefoot Wine Review

I was at a friends house right on the beach drinking wine and eating lunch, as I went to take my plate into the kitchen I noticed Barefoot Pinot Noir bottle. She told me we were drinking Pinot Noir yet never mentioned the brand. I am no wine snob but I do pay a bit extra when I purchase pino’s. A quick review, it was smooth as I have already stated, smooth with a bit of spice, dark cherry, berry but more wild raspberry, a lot of fruit up front and a light earthy flavor. We were eating vegetable lasagna, yet I would pair the taste of this wine with just about any lunch I had this week. Another great thing about Barefoot Pinot Noir is the price at just over $6 it tastes like it could be $12. Barefoot, Wine, Beach.

Barefoot Pinot Noir Bottle
Barefoot Pinot Noir Bottle

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