NEAT Glass Official Glass of Craft Competition

World Craft Spirits Competition Makes NEAT Glass Official Glass Of Competition

Craft Competition uses a glass engineered to expose all the aromas hiding behind nose-numbing alcohol. NEAT Glass allows you to taste the truth and discover what’s hiding in your glass.

In 2003, a simple mistake in a glass blowing class created a misshapen tumbler which was used in a pinch for want of a clean glass. The amazing change in expression led to a new approach to glass design which is called Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology (NEAT). By studying links between human physiology and molecular behavior, they unlocked the hidden dimensions of distilled spirits for your exquisite pleasure and hedonistic enjoyment, with a spirits glass that directs strong alcohol away from the nose. Over the next nine years, fifty two different design iterations, hundreds of tastings, and GCMS studies led to the perfect ultimate spirits glass now known as the NEAT glass.

Science builds better glassware: The NEAT glass…Design driven by science brings truth in taste.

The Patented Design: Create a wide vessel to enhance evaporation, short enough to allow heavy aromas to reach the nose, and squeeze the vapors so lighter molecules like ethanol alcohol move faster. Flare the rim so squeezed molecules have room to expand, and alcohol scurries over the rim to disappear and never numb the nose, while the other slower moving aromas are detected in the sweet spot, without alcohol. This design patented in the USA D663165, utility patented in the People’s Republic of China, and utility patent pending in Austria, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Definition of Flavor: The blend of taste and smell sensations evoked by a substance in the mouth. A thousand aromas, five tastes define flavor. The total impression includes mouth feel, from sensors that detect oily or dry, temperature, texture, minty, and many others. Aroma (90%) + Taste (5%) + Mouth Feel (5%) = Flavor.

Evaporation: The “engine” that powers aromas to the nose aided by large evaporation area and vigorous swirling. Without evaporation, there is nothing to smell.

Compress and Release: The neck of the NEAT Glass compresses, and the wide flared rim allows expansion as vapors pass through the narrow opening. The lightest vapor – ethanol alcohol – diffuses and disperses.

What’s the benefit?

No more nose burn or numbness. Your nose is free to detect, savor, and enjoy the subtle, wonderful aromas the distiller intended. Your nose will also tell you if the distiller did his job with care, making the proper head and tail cuts, using clean equipment, and even the condition of the barrels. Without alcohol dumbing down your sense of smell, absolutely nothing can hide from your nose.

What’s the scientific verification?

The NEAT Glass was designed for maximum drinking enjoyment and tested under controlled, uniform conditions against other spirits glasses at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) Chemistry Department to verify our claims.

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NEAT Glass Official Glass of Craft Competition
NEAT Glass Official Glass of Craft Competition

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