New York City Empty

New York City, New York, a blizzard leaves the city empty. Causing such a frenzy shoppers are buying more than bread, milk and toilet paper. Since Hurricane Sandy, this is the most extreme shopping rush for staple products. Everything from tequila to bagels and lox are flying off the shelves. People are thinking ahead, if we lose electricity, what will I want this week, what will I want for the Super Bowl. Consumers also seem concerned about keeping the lights on and staying warm. Duraflame logs, firewood and propane are good things to have on hand. Stores are sold out of eggs, bread, milk and other staple items as delivery trucks are not on the roads. What to do, make sure you are warm and have water and food. Then kick back and enjoy the peace and quiet that you are experiencing. This is what it is like to be out at sea fishing, time to think. It’s been a long time since NYC has had a bit of silence, hopefully the power goes out and you can light a candle, pour a glass of wine and relax with a book or two.






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171 thoughts on “New York City Empty

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