Cocktail Book The One Minute Bartender Book Second Edition By Will Elger

The One Minute Bartender Book Second Edition and The One Minute Bartender Second Edition ebook or Kindle Edition from Amazon will make it easy to learn all the basics of bartending, giving you more know-how and confidence to understand spirits and ‘how-to’ to prepare great-tasting cocktails. You will be able to set up your own home bar or host a cocktail party in no time! The One Minute Bartender takes a ‘back to the basics approach’ – the most complicated drink will seem easy to make. You will understand what’s behind popular and trendy cocktails, and always know what you want to order when you’re out with friends. You will learn what’s actually in all those bottles behind the bar, and what they are for; you will learn secrets from a professional bartender. The One Minute Bartender reveals simple, easy-to-use information that will get you mixing drinks and make you be more knowledgeable about what you drink.

About The Author, Will Elger a bartender for over two decades has turned bartending into more than just a career. Working in many different venues the goal has always been to make sure everyone has a drink. As cocktails have moved more to mixology or molecular mixology it seems like a longer wait at the bar to get a drink. The One Minute Bartender is a back to the basics guide for everyone, bartenders (more tips), bar owners (more drinks equal profit) and consumers or guests in your home (realize not waiting for a cocktail makes any party better).

Also check out The One Minute Bartender You Tube Channel, to view how to make cocktails in under a minute.

You can order The One Minute Bartender Second Edition from

The One Minute Bartender Second Edition is also available in both paperback or NOOK at Barnes & Noble stores or from Amazon online click below.

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