Trump vs. Bush, Bush & Winning

Jeb Bush has proved to be the strongest candidate, he stood up and called Donald Trump out, something all the other candidates, news channel anchors/reporters, talk show hosts, voters, republicans… have been afraid to do. Looking for a candidate that wants to move this country forward, be strong and not constantly talk about the problems and what the left is doing Jeb Bush is looking very Presidential.

It was not a knock out, yet he definitely knocked him down a few times, caused some bleeding and got him off his stance. It’s only mid fight so if Jeb Bush can keep it up it could be a knock out or a win.

Donald J Trump who since the beginning of his campaign has said everything under the sun to get attention, a reality TV star who knows how to get ratings and the attention of viewers. Tell people what they want to hear yet are afraid to say, fake it till you make it, become friends with people who like you and enemies with the people that don’t like you or cross you. Trump’s way, don’t talk, yell, be loud and continuously fight with easy prey, soft-spoken people that will not fight back. But wait…

Governor Jeb Bush, (Florida’s first two-term Republican governor) knows a thing or two about acting Presidential, looking Presidential and being Presidential, he has a father who was President George H.W. Bush and a brother who was a two term President George W. Bush. We can all agree that we may not have liked everything these former Presidents did yet they were strong leaders, until now we have not seen that from Jeb Bush yet now has proven to be the strongest leader.

Jeb Bush called Donald Trump out on TV in the GOP debate on CNN. Jeb Bush said Donald Trump is great at the one-liners but he is a chaos candidate and went on to say he was unhinged. Standing up to Donald Trump known as being a bit of a bully worked, Bush had Trump in the corner and everyone knew it when Trump complained to Hugh Hewitt that it was very sad that all the questions were about what he said. The viewers and the crowd have not digested what exactly happened right then, but now realize Jeb Bush stood up to Donald Trump and call him out, something no one has done before. Now Donald Trump is scared he has been revealed and Jeb Bush is moving forward and will win the GOP Nomination for 2016.

Jeb Bush has proved that he is not afraid of Donald Trump’s loud talking something everyone is scared of. Jeb Bush has a way of muffling the volume of Trump and focusing on what Trump is saying he gets his advice on foreign policy from watching shows, that Donald Trump has no idea what America’s Nuclear Triad is… Trump instead of doing his homework will just tell someone they are ugly, that nobody cares about you, your fat, low energy… it’s Donald Trump name calling and it works with weak people who have something to hide or don’t know how to stand up to a bully.

Why don’t you want to stand up to or cross Donald Trump, and why won’t any other GOP cross Donald Trump? Trump’s way of talking is give someone a compliment followed up by an insult, Jeb Bush is honestly a very nice person, but we need tough people we need toughness… Jeb Bush has proved that he is tough, strong and we will all see his leadership skills revealed as I predict in the near future others are going to stand up to Donald Trump, they are going to find similar ways to get out of in front of the megaphone like loudness that is Donald Trump learn to listen to what is being said then responding with smart answers.

What comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?
Donald Trump is worth many billions of dollars and that is should scare you, Trump is a brand could be a good one but most people don’t think so, Trump it’s a game, Trump it’s a vodka, Trump is tacky, Trump said, Rosie Odanel is disgusting, she’s a looser, fat ass… because she disagreed with him on something (don’t cross Trump unless your as tough as Jeb Bush), Vince McMann wrestling fan, You’re Fired, The Apprentice if you want to work for Trump, You’ve been Trumped, Birther movement demanding to see President Obama’s Birth Certificate, Unsuccessful Marriages, Unsuccessful businesses Trump Vodka, Unsuccessful real estate, Unsuccessful, Blames everyone else, Trump says I’m Rich, I’m smart, He tweets, fighting with others, good at name calling, I’m rich, I’m full of crap, and I am not well spoken, Bum, looser, talk down to others when you have nothing else to say. He aligns himself with extreme people and views, he has not stayed loyal to either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party and constantly threatens to run as an independent. He feeds off of the haters from the Tea Party, he focuses on the past, he doesn’t believe in science or global warming, he focuses on anything but the facts, he is out of touch, over 8 billion dollars, he puts himself on a pedestal, elitist persona, I’m great, I’m rich, egotistical, he said he will be the greatest, he won’t shut up about himself, Trump University $35,000 for an Entrepreneurship learning from Trump another scam, multiple corporate bankruptcies 3 Atlantic casinos (Taj Majal, how do you bankrupt a casino), big failures, bridge burner, he sues everyone Univision, Bill Mahr, won’t admit to failures, Publically shame people, groups, and businesses…
He says things that would alienate foreign partners
Mexicans, NBC has cut ties with Trump, he’s a trash talker, STO State the obvious… we need strong boarders, Constantly making fun of the current President, Don’t cross Trump because he will sue you.

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